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Yutori 122

Yutori 122

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Why: The Yutori 122 exists to satisfy your need of an absolute indulgent powder ski. Yes it can ski groomers and other things. But this ski was designed and built with pow skiing in mind. 

How: Making a powder ski isn't just as easy as make it big, soft and rockered. Making the perfect powder ski is actually quite the task. With extensive testing in the deep snow of Japan and a few iterations we've come up with what we think is a good interpretation of the perfect powder ski. One of our epiphany moments was when its this deep, you're not always skiing the steepest terrain, usually avalanche danger has pushed you into safer terrain; because of this the Yutori 122 features a shorter turn radius paired with deep and progressive rocker lines. If your rocker is too steep you'll end up pushing and plowing snow, too mellow and you don't get the float you want. Too soft and it just noodles out, too stiff and it's not interesting. With a full poplar woodcore and a lighter fiberglass the ski flexes and floats predictably. It's quick to skier input to intuitively change direction when skiing deep trees and won't let you down when you do get into bigger and steeper terrain when the conditions allow.

What: Make your friends jealous. Call in sick. 

'Yutori' is a Japanese concept of spaciousness. It refers to having enough time and peace of mind to enjoy life without being constantly under pressure.



Radius 19m, 188cm length

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