Ski Mounting???

Ski Mounting???

We'll keep this one simple. A lot of testing goes into getting the recommended mount point correct. From core profiles, camber profiles and the turn radius moving your bindings just one centimeter makes a noticeable difference. 


For the Sabr 100 and Merakai 112 we recommend mounting -7cm from true center for most skiers. 

-7cm, our recommended, requires you to be in the front of your boots but isn't punishing when you find yourself a little in the backseat. We've designed the skis to be responsive to skier input, but not overly demanding. It's a balance of a forward and playful ski that encourages you to set an edge, but can still be easily pushed sideways to scrub speed and be playful. 

Going forward towards the tip 1cm (-6cm from center) will make the ski feel more playful and centered if your style is more jibby and like being in the air as much as on the ground. Mount here if this is where you know you want to be. 

Going back 1cm towards the tails (-8cm from center) is a more traditional and direction feeling ski. The ski encourages you to be the front of the boot more, but still isn't punishing when you're occasionally backseat. You like to push your boots and your skis and are a more traditional and directional skier mount here. 


For the Yoturi 122, the mount point is -6cm or -7cm from true center. The turn radius is designed differently to make you feel more centered in the ski. We do not recommend mounting outside of this. Same feelings and ski experience as above with the -6cm and -7cm correspond with the Yutori as well. 

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